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Have I put their nappy on too tight?

“I tighten the nappy an extra notch to avoid unwanted accidents”

We all know how it is to have an unwanted accident especially in those early months when babies diet consists of mainly milk, not fun for anyone and especially not Mum and Dad that have to clean it up!

All jokes aside it is something you must be aware of, as if it is too tight it actually inhibits your baby’s development.

Your baby’s abdominals (tummy muscles) need room and space to grow so that your baby can get the best possible motor development. If the diaper on a regular basis is a bit too tight, activation of the abdominal muscles can be prohibited.

The abdominal muscles help stabilise the back and work together with the respiratory muscles (the muscles that help us to breath), so it is important to give the abdominal muscles space to activate. You can help stabilise your baby’s abdominal muscles by putting your baby on their stomach and of course remember not to put the nappy on too tight.

A good rule of thumb is that you should be able to put two fingers between the nappy and your baby’s belly.