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Why should I do exercises like holding my baby upside down and roly-polies, is it not a bit too much?

Exercises like throwing your baby up into the air and catching them again and roly-polies help train your child’s vestibular system. The vestibular system is a sensory system that all people have in their inner ear, which detects the head’s movements and the direction in which we move. Our vision and the vestibular system work together to help us to balance, it means that a well-developed vestibular system results in good balance.

The vestibular system also determines our ability to control the movement of our eyes. Our eyes’ and the vestibular systems cooperation is extremely crucial when our kids start to read.

Children are often transported in child seats or prams, so they are used to being in the same position. It is therefore important to get them out of this position so that they can stimulate the vestibular system.

In order to maintain a good balance, we must continue to stimulate the vestibular system throughout our lives, it is therefore important that both children and adults move around during the day. So get up from the couch and play with your baby, if you need inspiration you will find many fun activities in the app. The special bond you get through play is amazing for both child and adult, because you are both fully focused on each other, who doesn’t love one on one time!