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Is it OK to play with my premature baby?

A baby born before term has a less developed nervous system than babies born after 9 months. This means you have to be careful not to over-stimulate premature babies.

A premature baby has to go through the same things as a baby born to term, but the nervous system is less developed, therefore it is essential that you can interpret the signals your baby is providing. When they start to show signs of fatigue or general restlessness/fussiness allow them to take a break and give them lots of attention and love when it is needed. The more time you spend with your baby the easier it will be to interpret their signals. So, the answer to the question “Is it ok to play with my premature child?” is of course, YES you can play with your baby even if it is born premature, but just make sure that when your baby start showing signs of getting tired or not showing an interest, then it is time to give your baby some quiet time, and that is also okay.

YES, you can play with your baby even if they are premature.

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