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Is it possible that I spoil my baby too much?

In the first few months of a child’s life the relationship between the parents and the child is created. An infant cannot be spoiled too much. An infant is not calculating in any way, so if your baby is crying it is for a reason so it is important you give them the attention they need, for example you can pick up your baby and cuddle them close to your chest so that they feel safe. The relationship and trust that is being built up during the first few months is also important for a child’s mental development.

It is always a challenge trying to work out why your baby is crying, there can be several factors at play. It maybe fatigue, hunger, digestion issues, wet nappy etc. It is our job as parents to get to know exactly what our child’s signals are and how they change in different situations.

Having a close relationship with your baby means that it is easier to identify what is wrong when they are showing signs of distress.

Skin to skin contact is one of the most important things for your child and one of the best ways to make your child relax, especially in the first few months of your baby’s life. When your baby is close to you, they can hear your heart beat and feel warmth from you, these two things can make your child relax and help them to fall asleep.

When you are holding your baby in your arms, they are the closest that they can get to lying in their mother’s tummy, where for nine months they could hear their mother’s heartbeat and her breathing. Your baby felt safe in their mother’s tummy, so it is nice to simulate that experience by holding your baby close.

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